The Top Technology Trends for Business in 2016

Whether you realize it or not, technology is one hundred percent necessary to operate a business in 2016, whether it is the most basic of technology or something substantial.  New York is the center of the business world and as such, a technological hub.  Even if a business has nothing to do with technology (in New York, think fashion, diamonds, Broadway, restaurants, etc.), it is strongly influenced by the technology trends that emerge in the city and around the world.  Evolving technology is forcing businesses to adapt daily; businesses that thrive are those that take advantage of the latest “and greatest” technology available to them using a web design company.

To stay one step above your competition, here are trends that should be followed:


Digital Security.  What do you do when you go to bed at night?  Even in the safest and most up-scale of neighborhoods, you lock your doors and set your alarm.  So why are you not doing the same with digital security of your business?  Email and employee cell phones are usually not secure.  Nearly ninety percent of websites have vulnerabilities.  Do not let your business suffer through digital violations.  Encrypt data transport, enterprise mobility management for mobile devices, containerize so hacks do not affect your entire system and adopt cloud solutions.

Automated systems.  Automated systems have taken over, and streamlined, business organizations.  Whether for resource planning, customer relations, human resources, product databases or websites, systems are becoming interconnected.  There is a lot of room in business to automate daily tasks that do not require human work.  Automation lowers costs and allows both employees and consumers to access what they need quicker and easier, with a technology company such as


Mobile Payment.  Making payments has never been easier, and that is what business is all about – making money, paying those you contract to do work for you, and making sure everything is as straightforward and time efficient as can be.  Welcome to the market, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other mobile solutions.  Press button. Payment made.

Self-Reporting Devices.  Have you been in Target recently?  Even major corporations, who frankly, do not need this, are on board.  Go to Target, or a similar company, and ask where they have whatever item you are looking for.  Do not be surprised when an iPad or similar device is taken out of the back pocket and they tell you the aisle, the price and the amount in stock.  These devices connect to each other and report back to corporate, making inventory management easier and more efficient.  In addition, most of these devices “self-report” to management, so that employee behavior can be monitored and better understood. Evening working a company that can help increase your ranks and show you more traffic such as a Long Island SEO by Mimvi, might help.

The Cloud.  Basically every business is already on board – but not to the full extent.  The cloud has enabled connectivity and reduced maintenance.  Yet, nearly seventy percent of businesses run under twenty percent of their business online, despite the necessity of connectivity.

With 2017 fast approaching, there is no doubt that technology will continue to advance; the best thing for your business would be to advance before technology expands so much that you cannot catch up.